Eye of the tiger Rocky, Eye of the tiger.

Eye of the tiger Rocky, Eye of the tiger.


LIFE AND TIMES: Primera Parte


The past couple of months have been a pretty poignant affair for me, bad breakups, loss of a loved one, too much financial and academic responsibilities, ever recurring injuries,  no visible improvements in the lifestyle, I am in the same position as I was an year before, or maybe even worse.

Times like these that you crave for that single piece of motivation that can lift you up, that can just kick you out of your little bubble of the world full of despair and hopelessness and just pump you up.

Because when you are actually in such a state, you are in the no drug no cure state of existence. Well, but it shouldn’t be like that.

Exactly, so , I just wanted to start taking control of my life again, and compiled the abstract thoughts that always inspired me , the stuff that keeps me up at times when I don’t even feel like doing anything Imageat all. So just couldn’t  resist sharing them up.



I mean, who cannot get inspired by simba? Well, if he can do it, you can too. The kid lived with the burden of Mufasa’s death, and came  bouncing back  with a whole new spirit. A whole new will, a new hope, of a better life.

Because it takes a man to handle responsibility, and as it is said, you are either a man, or you are not( please do not consider it as a  male chauvinistic argument)

From the day we arrive on the planet

And blinking, step into the sun

There’s more to see than can ever be seen

More to do than can ever be done

There’s far too much to take in here

More to find than can ever be found

But the sun rolling high

Through the sapphire sky

Keeps great and small on the endless round


It’s the Circle of Life

And it moves us all

Through despair and hope

Through faith and love

Till we find our place

On the path unwinding                 

In the Circle

The Circle of Life


It’s the Circle of Life

And it moves us all

Through despair and hope

Through faith and love

Till we find our place

On the path unwinding

In the Circle

The Circle of Life

Yes, it is the circle of life, and it will go on. Either you run with it, or it will drag you along. The choice is yours.


In times like these, you need to actually accept that you are not a kid anymore. You are an adult individual who has to act responsibly. Because no one will care about your survival, your dreams and your endeavours, but yourself.

Get that thing done , that you would have never done, like  renewing your car’s insurance, or paying the house tax.


Because what I have learnt from my personal experience, these small stuff, make a huge difference.

Because when you actually try out your hands on such stuff, is when you realize how weird the system is. There is no point in reading newspapers or philosophers to know about life and the society, until and unless you have never fought with that clumsy mcd employee, or that stubborn clerk who wouldn’t do his work.



And a man, a man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man.

ImageBecause growing up is tough, you have to pay for your own predicaments, your own actions.

There will be no father to save your ass when you really screw up.

You have to take a stand for thyself, and you actually need to do it right now.



Believe me, people will tend to exploit you. That’s a bitter sweet truth, and is omnipotent.

No one actual cares for a weak pussy, the kind of guy who cries when you punch him hard. Or the one who watches P.S I love You when a girl dumps him.

True, is the fact that everyone is an emotional puppet. But just don’t let others know that, simple.

Make people believe that if the punch you, you will punch them harder and stronger.

Because as Rocky Balboa said,

 “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”



clueless? happy.

It’s a disaster when you don’t know what you really want to do with your life. Always had this thing, study, gets a good career, and you’ll be happy, is it? Well, I have no idea. Academics are the last thing I want to focus on right now, with a huge list of never ending assignments, files and examinations, it’s not that these are difficult, but it’s like, you don’t really want to give it a try. Everything else seems interesting, spending endless hours learning Spanish, or learning how to do samba. Things that are not going to add up to your CV, or make you a very promising job applicant. But again, what do you want to do? That’s the real question. Somehow playing college football seems more interesting and fun, but what’s the point? You’re not going to make it big in sports, you know that. But still, it seems more interesting than making your college projects, at least girls check you out playing. It makes you famous, you get the attention, but then again, is that what you need? People ask me, what after your college? What’s the plan for the future? What do you really intend to do?


Well, I have no answer for that. To me, managing random music events and art exhibitions seems more joyous than thinking about my post grad. I don’t know if I want to get into a good B school, if yes, I don’t think I am working too well for that. Neither do I know if I want to work, seems like a future in dark. Again, spending hours trying to learn that fancy backflip, the advanced windmills and those crazy pull-ups, consumes the majority of my time. Again, lack of direction. And it’s not just with academics or career; it’s with life as, a whole. The girl that seemed so interesting yester year seems moribund and boring now. It’s not that she is, but it’s all in the eyes and the mind of the monogamist. You want to have a female companion, but you never realize, or decide, who. Sometimes its lust, sometimes you want compassion, it’s all about the fire, some things ignite it, some things just don’t, and the things that used to ignite it before, won’t do it now. It’s all a big turmoil of confusion. Every morning, you tend to stay in bed thinking, what did me have to do today, and that’s that, you end up doing everything else. You look in the mirror every morning, thinking- goatee? Or not? Short hair? Hmm, nevermind. It’s that you will never be satisfied with what you have, no clear thoughts. A cobweb of dilemmas adding up to nothing substantial. When it comes to relaxing, you just can’t. All you think is which song to play? Wasting your leisure time trying to decide upon a certain song, and changing it midway just because you got bored. And that makes you, a jack of all, and master of none. Now we all know that feeling. The feeling of utter confusion, do you want to be loved? Or just respected? Do you want that girl to go out with you?  Or are you just happy with the chase? The tendency to keep on looking for something better in life, but always finding the things you get as not worthy, it just makes you feel shallow sometimes. You feel bad for the girl who gave you everything, but you just couldn’t hang on to her because you didn’t feel like, and on the other hand you feel bad for yourself for letting her go. You always look for new ways to get that rush, the rush you got in doing things, when you tried them the first time. You room is full of stuff that you once loved, pictures you once admired, people who once meant everything to you, but it’s all gone now. You just can’t get that rush back, and you look for that feeling, everywhere. You are passionate about stuff that would get you nothing substantial. You are passionate about people, who’d never really help you in any way, but it’s just about the rush. But the truth is, you are still happy, you are doing stuff that you like, though you may not like them after you start doing them, but at least you were happy when you started with that stuff, whether it was a hobby, a new relation, a new song, or a new practice. And that is what keeps you happy and motivated, that adrenaline rush to look for something better every time. You seem to be very calm and composed from the outside, you are like a duck, turmoil of thoughts to do something different every time. Everything motivates you, but you just can’t stick to one motivation. It’s like; you are never contented with what you have. You don’t know what you want to do with your life, and you end up doing everything but still it adds up to nothing.  

Call me cheap, but that’s the way I love to travel


Hundreds of times I have been asked upon, “what’s with the sleeper class and the ugly roadway buses?”

Well, to be true, I don’t know.

Yes, true that I mind spending huge bucks on air tickets and tacky first class railway bogies, and believe me, I don’t have any regrets.

Yes, you may find the sleeper class, well; you know what they call it, the cattle class. But there is something about it I love, the sound of thumping rail tracks when you sit near the window seat, the gush of cold air which blows over your face when another train passes over the parallel track, the fragrance, yes I do call it fragrance, of the green cover that spreads alongside the railway tracks, yes, I do love it.

To some, travelling on a shoe string budget might seem as a money saving predicament, that might be true, but they are surely missing the big picture here. When you travel to a place, the worst thing that you can do, is make other’s realize that you are a tourist.

Delhi to Pune, Pune to Goa, sleeper? Yes.


Because I love it! I love meeting new people, I love talking to people who aren’t snobs, who don’t think that you are a miser if you don’t travel in ac or an airplane, I love such people.

I love looking out of the window to see the cattle, the Marathi women watering the black soil, the same we cherish for the amazing cashews.

Taxis? Nope, I’ll hit the local bus.

Ohh, another miser stunt? Well might be.. But I didn’t miss the MJ tracks being played on old school boom boxes in a dusty , teary old Goan bus , with the driver, shaking his peculiar long pony tail to the beats of- “they don’t really care about us”. Yes that’s true, they really don’t.

Yes, I mind spending money on 5 star resorts, because to be true, I don’t really need a swimming pool when I go out to travel. I don’t need a bar to drink in my resort, I can do that on the sublime beaches too.

If I want to enjoy a bath, I’ll do it on the clean white sands, out in the open, beneath the silvery moon. No, I don’t really need a pool.

All I want is a place to keep the nominal luggage I am going to carry, a bed where I can sleep , if I want to, and when I want to.

I don’t want room service, why? Because I don’t want to stay in my room. I want to roam around, watch the people, do what they are doing, catch some fishes with the local fishermen, walk barefoot on the sand, play football with the local kids. No, I don’t want a 5 star resort.

Neither do I want to eat in fancy restaurants, no , I don’t want Italian, Spanish or continental.

I don’t want special Punjabi dishes when I go out, I have them daily in my city.

All I want is a local shack where they serve me the same food that they eat, the same spices, the same flavors, the same fish, the same prawn and the same water. I don’t want tonic water, I just want something to quench my thirst.

Yes , you may call it cheap, renting weary old cruisers to cruise along the roads, why not rent an ac car? Are you a miser?

Yes maybe, or maybe I just like the feeling , the power of a cruiser in between my shoulders, the adrenaline rush of the fierce Goan turns,  the bruises when the bike skids over the wet road, or the tune of Hotel California that you shout out loud while riding your machine. No, I don’t mind getting tanned, I don’t mind getting my hair messed up , neither do I mind getting wet in the rain, but yes, I do enjoy the feeling that you get when you have a lady sitting behind you, and whispering songs so that she doesn’t get embarrassed, when you hear her doing that.

Maybe I like the feeling when a French couple thanks you, for dropping them off at 4 am in the morning. Maybe I like it when you help out the distressed tourists who cannot even speak proper English, some people may find it useless, why spoil your party time dropping some hippies ? Because, they know it, I know it; it’s not just about the crowd, the music and the dope. Sometimes, it’s just about doing what you feel like.

Yes, I do love it, call me cheap, but that’s the way I love to travel.

Yes I do travel on a cheap budget, I do, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to pay for the whole day long swimming sessions in the blue lagoons that take form after a high tide, I don’t want to pay for the time I spent watching hermit crabs making their way into the sand, I don’t want to pay for the amazing  English classics that echo far off from your being, I don’t want to pay for the feeling that gets you trippy, by just watching the waves hit the shore, and certainly I don’t want to pay for the smiles of the local people when you tend to choose their home made food rather than the elegant and expensive eating joints.

Why do you want to visit there in off season?

Because, that’s when I find the beaches virgin, the peace and the tranquility abandoned. Because if I want to party hard, I’ll do that, I’ll spend money for it.

I certainly don’t want to pay for that, so if you want to call me cheap, I don’t mind. Because that’s the way I like to travel.

Stay Raw, Stay Fit

When was the last time, you hit the gym? Or sweated your ass out doing something physically challenging? Well, most of us, we won’t remember, the same old excuses,

EXERCISE?  “Dude, I am doing engineering”

“Ahh, na, busy with my exams lately”

“Pending college projects”

“No, I don’t need it, I am fit”- yeah right, if u call a beer gulping tummy fit.

So, firstly let’s see, when you really ought to take fitness seriously,

  •  Your girlfriend calls you a teddy bear (cute, ain’t it?).
  • You weigh more than your dad.
  • You feel embarrassed to go topless at a beach or a waterpark.
  • When you can see an impending double chin like PETER GRIFFIN.
  • Using stairs? Ahh, nope, I just had food.
  • When you no longer can fit on a bicycle
  • You can’t walk a kilometer without sweating your ass
  • When you think it’s better to sit there and watch TV rather than going out in the rain.
  • When your favorite animal is the grizzly bear.
  • When your favorite Pokémon is SLOWPOKE
  • When you start sharing THE LAZY RULES over Facebook
  • You watch Govinda movies to convince yourself that you can be a fat ass and still be a Bollywood star
  • When your girlfriend just wants to cuddle up with you, because you remind her of her teddy bear.
  • When parts of your body, which weren’t meant to be, jiggle when you run, if u ever do dat.


So, what is the whole point? Why aren’t we even motivated to be physically fit?

Simple, we tend to overthink it, most of us regard fitness as spending hours in gym, pumping iron, or running for hours over the treadmill.

We set over to make time tables, 6 am, get up and jog- yeah right. I don’t even remember when was the last time I even woke up at 6 am, apart from a football match.

So, I am writing it to just discuss a few lifestyle changes, to get that perfectly toned physique, without spending useless hours and money on the gym(unless you want to be a professional body builder, or look like Salman Khan)



Inspired by Matthew McConaughey, yes the hunky 40+ heartthrob from   Hollywood, who landed a hottie like Penelope Cruz, phew, the guy is just the coolest person on the planet.

He only hits the gym when he has to bulk up for a challenging role, other times, JUST KEEP LIVING, as he says.

His workout includes, surfing, skate boarding, free running, skipping, bicycling, walking, rock climbing, soccer, volleyball, walking his dog and just, having fun.

Yes, that’s how he stays in such an amazingly lean physique, the most challenging workout he does is a few sets of pushups and crunches, that’s it!

Seems difficult? Nope! But, let’s be realistic, we don’t even climb stairs, high time right?


What’s the best way to have fun and stay in a killer physique, then sports?

Christiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Kevin Peterson, Usain bolt and a zillion other athletes are known to be dedicated to just sports for staying fit.

Let’s see,

No money needed, just maybe cheap sporting gear

It doesn’t seem boring or moribund.

Socializing, yes, it’s better than playing ps3 or enjoying your cool life over Facebook.

Elements of cardio, strength training, and mental fitness.

GIRLS DIG SPORTY GUYS! Why else do you think your girlfriend watches football with you?

So, go out, grab a football, volleyball, basketball, anything, just go out!


Have you ever seen Bear Grylls, ya the hunky Discovery guy, who eats spiders and drinks his own pee,

The guy has been a former US Marine, and do you think they ask you to do dumbbell curls in the Marines?

Nope, still he has a physique that makes ladies drool over him.

It’s all raw!

You don’t have time? Yes we understand, do a set of 20 pushups during your busy hour of watching TV, or maybe during the advertisement.

Let’s just look at a few raw exercises, where you can do them, and the benefits-

Pushups: well, you can do them possibly anywhere, during commercial breaks, or after waking up in the morning, or just before going off to sleep.

Works up your chest, triceps, guns, laterals and yes ABS!

 Crunches: Always dreamt about having that beach body that drives all the girls wild? Have you ever been ashamed of taking off your shirt near a pool or at the the beach?

If yes,

Its high time man, get your ass together , say bye bye to your beer belly, and do a few simple crunches, you won’t be able to believe the results, just a month of proper crunching, and you might get the glimpse of your first abs.

Pull ups:  perhaps the best compound exercise ever to be invented by man, just grab something that hangs, a bar, wall projections, washroom doors, anything, and just pull yourself up, they are tough, but believe me, the best exercise there ever is, works up your biceps, triceps, chest , obliques, everything.

Skipping: perhaps the most fun cardio exercise, switch on your favorite music, and give yourself those groovy jumps you used to enjoy when you were young.

You’ll get a strong heart, legs and a higher libido (YES, IT ACTUALLY IS KNOWN TO INCREASE MALE LIBIDO!)



It’s surprising how having a role model keeps you so damn motivated, make realistic goals, work towards them.

Hang a poster of your role model in your bedroom, so that whenever you wake up, u know what u need to do,

Cam Gigandet, Ronaldo, Beckham, Brad Pitt, Michael Phelps, anyone. Just keep your self inspired, it pays off.

STAY ACTIVE, it’s surprising how you can just make a workout of possibly anything.

Climb stairs, walk, carry your own groceries, try to lift the LPG cylinder, everything and anything can be used to stay fit, you just need that push.